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George Stephen Has an Idea

While a guy named George was making marine buoys at his job working for Weber Brothers Metal Works, he came up with the idea of a dome-shaped grill. It was 1952, and at the time the idea of a covered grill was pretty revolutionary! That first grill was called "George's Barbecue Kettle." Seven years later, George bought Weber Brothers and a new era of barbecuing was born.

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From Innovation Leader to an American Fixture

Weber grills continued to innovate, using stainless steel construction, making Flavorizer® bars, and creating porcelain-enameled cooking grates. The first Genesis® grill was unveiled in 1985, followed by the Summit® series in the mid-1990s, and the portable Q® series in 2003. Over the years, Weber grills have become not just tools for cooking food, but grills that bring people together.

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Weber at Josephs' Hardware & Home Center

Josephs' Hardware & Home Center is proud to carry Weber due to their well known reputation and quality brand of grills. These classic gas and charcoal grills have been a staple in our community for years. Weber Grills at Joseph's Hardware & Home Center are always a sure way to cook your next meal. The grills are designed to get everyone involved in gas grilling and help you taste the difference with a Weber grill. Josephs' Hardware & Home Center is the best place to buy Weber Grills in Fort Collins, Colorado and Larimer County and the surrounding areas of the Northern Colorado RegionWindsorLovelandGreeleyEvansLongmontErieBoulder and Cheyenne, WY.

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A Grill for Every Occasion

Josephs' Hardware & Home Center know that when you plan to pull out the grill and fire it up, it is time to showcase the very best grilling you can muster up. Weber grills offer you the widest variety of grilling options. If you’re looking for a large cooking area, elite grilling features, and the ability to cook almost any food you can imagine, then a Weber from Josephs' Hardware & Home Center in Fort Collins, Colorado and Larimer County is the way to go. Weber’s roots go back to George Stephen’s original, kettle-shaped design, so they’ve kept the Original Kettle series going strong as a modern version of the grill that started it all back in 1952. The kettles are affordable, durable, and offer an amazing charcoal-grilling flavor. It doesn't matter what you have planned, there is a Weber available at Josephs' Hardware & Home Center to help you.

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